Common Exhibitor Mistakes to Avoid


Trade shows and large events are usually high-activity environments. There are people everywhere: some are there for a specific exhibitor; others are just browsing the booths. There is also tons of other booths who are competing for the attention of attendees. As an exhibitor you must find a way to stand out and leave an imprint on people’s minds after the show.

Many exhibitors have trouble with this and don’t know why. They don’t realize the mistakes they made that affected their success. Below, we have listed the common exhibitor mistakes to avoid.

No Objective

Many exhibitors attend events without designating an objective. This can cause your exhibit to appear disorganized. Without a clear objective, your staff is left to their own devices which can cause confusion and a lack of motivation. Be sure to make your goals clear from the beginning: Do you want to increase your brand’s reach; revamp its image; spark interest in a new product or service? Setting up your objective will help your staff tactfully communicate with the exhibit’s attendees.

Using too Much Text on Displays

Some exhibitors tend to have displays with text that explains the company, product, or service they are presenting. In such a high-pace environment, many attendees will not have the time or patience to read large amounts of information. Also, too much text can inhibit natural interaction between your staff and attendees. If you must display text, use brief bullet points. Your staff should be knowledgeable enough to explain your exhibit in detail. Nothing beats human-to-human interaction.

Handing out Literature

This is one of the most common exhibitor mistakes to avoid. Many exhibitors hand out pamphlets, booklets, and magazines to people who visit their booths. Most of the time, they end up in the trash or forgotten under piles of literature from other exhibitors. Any information you would put in a booklet should be explained by your exhibit staff. The most that should be handed out a business card with contact information, your website, and maybe even your company’s social media accounts.

Ignoring the Exhibitor Manual

Every event you attend will have specific information for exhibitors. This information may include rules for exhibitors, information about the venue, and ways to contact those who are in charge of the event. If you don’t read the manual, you may miss some important information that will come in handy later. Failing to read the manual may result in you making a mistake that can affect your reputation and ROI.

Lack of Promotion

What good is it to be an exhibitor at a trade show if no one knows you’re there? If your purpose is to expand your company’s reach, you must first promote your presence at the event. Though many events list the attending exhibitors on their site, people still may not be aware that you will be present. If you do plan to attend a trade show or event, notify the public through your website. You can also post about it on your social media accounts. You can also post blogs on your site, inviting people to attend and to come speak to you directly.

Not following up on Leads

The whole purpose of being an exhibitor at an event is to get more business for your company. At the event, you may ask for information from attendees. This information is how you generate leads to contact later. Another one of the common exhibitor mistakes to avoid is never contacting these leads. If you never call the people who visited your booth, you may be missing out on new customers for your business. Some leads may not generate any results; but that doesn’t mean they’re all dead ends.

Overcrowding the Booth

Some exhibitors tend to have too many people in their booth. This may cause confusion with attendees who visit your exhibit. They may not know who to talk to which may cause them to avoid asking questions at all. Also, the booth may be too small which can make movement and demonstrations difficult to perform. This could also leave minimal space for attendees at your booth. Most exhibits usually use no more than 3 staff members.

Lack of Quality Insurance

Every exhibitor should have some form of Exhibitor Insurance. Some events may even require an insurance certificate. SkyBlue Insurance is an authorized dealer who represents some of the top carriers of Exhibitor Insurance in the country. If you need insurance or feel that you’re paying too much, contact our skilled agents at 1-800-771-7758. We’ll be able to find you the best Exhibitor Insurance coverage to meet your needs. You can also get instant results by going online and requesting an Exhibitor Insurance quote for free!

Now that you know the common exhibitor mistakes to avoid, you can ensure that your exhibit runs smoothly at your next event. Avoiding these mistakes will increase the likelihood of a successful exhibit.